THE COSMIC TREE - Your Evolutionary Path 2021 Workshop  | 10/01/2021

THE COSMIC TREE - Your Evolutionary Path 2021 Workshop

Pyramid Floor, Life Artists Creators Hub, Berlin.


11:00 - 19:00

A workshop to explore and work with the cosmology of the Cosmic Tree, each according to their own individual cycle of growth for 2021.

The Cosmic Tree

Several shamanic cultures and spiritual traditions describe the Cosmic Tree, the World Tree, the Tree of Life, the Axis Mundi or the Knowledge Tree as that axis of interconnection between various dimensions of consciousness, between various realities ordinary and non-ordinary, in us and beyond, but all intimately connected.

As we walk the paths that connect the three main worlds on the axis of the Cosmic Tree, we reach a deep understanding, its teachings and wisdom, as well as precise indications from our inner Guides in a multidimensional geography for our personal evolution.

Exploring the three main worlds helps us understand where we are stuck, showing us what resources we can draw on when we need help and support, offering us a transformative path of self-knowledge, integration, and fullness. Seeing the true colors of your spirit, you will learn how easy it is to reconnect with the Cosmic Tree that is always present in you to guide your path and improve your world.

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